Do you welcome change?

Change and uncertainty.

Life is full of change and uncertainty.

If you pay attention to your body, you’ll notice that these changes have their own rhythms. For instance, you might feel different in the morning compared to the evening.

Symptoms can also change with cycles, like during your menstrual cycle or as the seasons change.

As you grow older, your body changes too.

Dealing with Uncertainty

When something like an illness comes along, it reminds us that we are not always in control. Illness brings worries about the future. Perhaps whether you’ll have enough money or if your plans will still work out.

We can react to this uncertainty in two ways:

  1. Resisting Change: If we try to fight against change, this puts the body into emergency mode. The stress responsive systems of the body keep in a state of high alert as we urgently search for a quick fix to make what is happening stop or go away. This strategy can be exhausting and usually makes symptoms worse.
  2. Accepting Change: Alternatively we can allow symptoms to be there (for now) and accept the ups and downs of illness as part of life. Your body and your symptoms, will keep changing. We can begin to see the positive potential in this constant change.

Why Acceptance Is Important

Accepting where you are in the bigger picture of change is the first step in getting better. It helps you relax and be kind to yourself. This includes accepting that life sometimes needs to slow down, and priorities might have to change.

Acceptance doesn’t mean you’re giving up; it’s a smart move. Things aren’t fixed, and as you learn and grow, it is natural to adjust your expectations and make new choices. Acceptance helps you shift out of emergency mode and find realistic ways to feel better.